Investment Philosophy

We invest in stocks of companies that have a compelling strategy for growth, have differentiated products or services that are dominant in their industry, and have a strong balance sheet.

We invest in bonds that have high relative yields and low relative risk.

Portfolios are diversified:

  • between stocks across economic sectors
  • between asset types: domestic & international stocks, large, mid, and small capitalization stocks, bonds, and cash

Companies are rigorously researched and must show:

  • a proven record for revenue, earnings and cash flow
  • excellent core competencies and dominance in their industries
  • a strong and stable management team
  • a clear and strategic direction for long term growth


We purchase companies that are under or fairly valued based on:

  • financial ratios such as PE, PEGY, P/S, ROI, ROE
  • price multiples and profit margins compared to peer companies
  • assessment of core competencies and management performance
  • proprietary valuation models
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