Ascend Investment Management is an independent Registered Investment Advisory corporation specializing in the management of financial assets for individuals and small businesses.

Our mission is to work closely with individual clients to customize their investment portfolios and help them accomplish their financial goals within their tolerances of risk.  We serve as fiduciary and passionate advocate, providing independent analysis, advice and financial planning with utmost integrity.

Once we fully understand a client’s financial situation and goals, we:

  • choose appropriate stocks, bonds, mutual funds & exchange traded funds
  • construct strong portfolios of diverse asset types
  • manage securities in keeping with changing asset values
  • manage portfolios in accordance with changing market cycles
  • target asset allocations in line with client tolerance for risk, income needs, tax circumstances, and retirement goals
  • execute an optimal, tax efficient, retirement withdrawal strategy
  • provide ongoing management of all types of financial planning issues

We are dedicated to keeping our clients informed and educated in all types of markets, and we welcome frequent communications.

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